About Me

Born into poverty, Lloyd Lofthouse grew up to become an award-winning author. At age seven in 1952, experts told his mother he was too retarded to gain literacy skills. Still, his mother, who never graduated from high school, taught him at home and proved them wrong.

Two decades later, Lloyd, an avid reader for more than a decade, was a field-radio operator in the U.S. Marines fighting in Vietnam dodging bullets. After the Marines in 1968, he used the GI Bill to help pursue a higher education.

During his first year in college, after hearing Ray Bradbury speak, Lloyd decided he wanted to write books, and went on to earn a BA in Journalism by 1973.

After his first marriage ended, in the early 1980s, he worked nights and weekends as a nightclub maître d, where he learned the art of seduction.

Next, he attended writing workshops for seven years out of UCLA’s writing extension program, followed by earning an MFA in the 1990s at another university.

From 1975 to 2005, he was also a public-school teacher, who taught award winning English and journalism classes at the Intermediate and high school levels.

Lloyd now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he writes his novels while watching someone else’s cattle and horses graze in the pastures behind his back fence.

NOTE: Before my camera broke inside a tank, I took the photos in this video when I was in Vietnam. At 0.43 seconds, that’s me in 1966, sitting in an underground bunker in front of the battalion’s radio bench. I was 21 and a field radio operator in the U.S. Marines. I went to college in 1968, after I left the military.

NOTE: This video is an interview with me about writing about My Splendid Concubine.



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